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Heroin Detox & Withdrawal

Heroin is an extremely addictive opiate drug used by adults and young people in whatever economic state of life. NIDA’s 2010 survey revealed that at least 0.8% of 8th graders already use heroin. Like other opiates, heroin produces distressing emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms which are often referred to, as opiate withdrawal. To address these … Continued

Recovering From Prescription Pill Addiction

While the majority of Americans use prescription pills like Xanax, Vicodin and other drugs for pain management as prescribed by the physicians, statistics revealed an alarming number of its illicit use. In 2010, SAMSHA revealed that individuals seeking medical treatment due to prescription drug abuse tripled from 1998 to 2008. This study corresponds to NIDA’s … Continued

Meth Addiction Statistics

Methamphetamine is a commonly abused and illicitly produced stimulant within the country which targets young people and adults alike. DEA claimed that despite the decrease of meth production in the country due to strict law enforcement, the demand for the illicit substance is still met by manufactures outside US. Due to its harmful effects on … Continued

Detox : The First Step In Addiction Treatment

Detox success statistics are difficult to gauge because of the different characteristics of addictive substances and their effects on the users’ body and mind. True recovery does not end with the detox. It starts with it. Prevailing statistics proved how detox helps a person avoid relapse with the help of an effective and comprehensive addiction … Continued

Relapse Prevention

When you finally decided to get ahead of your life and quit drugs or alcohol, you took your initial step towards recovery. However, you may have thought that all your anticipated problems will go away when you enter a rehab, only to find out that a bunch of them are still there. You can have … Continued

Health Effects Of Oxycontin

OxyContin is classified as an opioid agonist due to its Oxycodone content which is a Schedule II drug. It is prescribed for a continuous and long-term management of moderate to severe pain for patients with an established tolerance to an opiate of equivalent potency. Statistics showed that it is one of the most commonly used … Continued

SOBA Malibu Dual Diagnosis

If you think that conventional drug rehab does not produce the recovery you expect because it does not deal with dual diagnosis of addiction, you can try SOBA Malibu. Aside from our holistic and individualized treatment programs aimed to help alcoholics and drug addicts to recover from addiction, we also concentrate on co-existing conditions like … Continued

Sober in my 20’s, Is My Life Over Or Just Beginning?

That was the question that haunted me like nothing i had ever feared before.  All of my friends drink and party.  What will i possibly do when they are out having fun? Do i really need to make a decision to have a social life or stay clean and sober? Well, it has been almost 4 years in … Continued

SOBA Malibu Recovery Center launches Neurofeedback Program

SOBA Malibu Recovery Center(, a California licensed addiction center, and Brainpaint, LLC will begin training and implementation of BrainPaint software in order to achieve a more in-depth understanding and acute treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. “When you or a loved one is unfortunate enough to contract the disease of addiction you have to treat … Continued

SOBA announces Celebrity Rehab Therapist

SOBA Recovery Center is also pleased to announce the addition of Sherry Gaba, Celebrity Life Coach and Psychotherapist on Celebrity Rehab 2 and Celebrity Rehab 3 with Dr. Drew on VH1. Sherry will be conducting groups which consist of Life Coaching and a women’s group. Sherry will also see SOBA clients in one-on-one therapy. Sherry … Continued


Depression SOBA Malibu Recovery Center believes that in addressing the co-occurring, dual diagnosis and associated conditions, in conjunction with the drug abuse and addiction issues, people are given the best chance for long-term recovery. The modality of treatment provided to clients will depend on the status and/or outcome of each person’s current condition. There are … Continued


At the SOBA Malibu Recovery Center, our eam of world-renowned treatment professionals understand that alcohol and drug addiction is a complex illness. Compulsive and sometimes-uncontrollable drug craving, med-seeking, and use that persist even in the face of negative consequences characterize drug addiction. For many people, drug addiction becomes chronic, with relapses occurring after drug rehab … Continued