Freedom Awaits

At Soba Recovery Center we understand effective treatment starts with the underlying issues. Find the way towards a better tomorrow, with a fresh perspective.

Welcome to SOBA MALIBU

Long-term & Insurance based, therapeutic program that works.

We provide individual, one-on-one therapy with renowned therapists who are fully versed in treating the underlying causes and conditions of your addiction. Our professional staff will assist you by providing the necessary tools to manage your life and address the issues that keep you from a better tomorrow.

Treatment to fit your life

Offering a Full Continuum of Personal Care

At The SOBA Recovery Center, when we treat the underlying psychological disorders and the symptoms of addiction, we live by the creed that “one size DOES NOT fit all.” The bottom line is we provide treatment modalities that work for you or your loved one. Our addiction treatment center is individualized, meaning we create a custom plan for you.

Detox & Residential

Phase 1

We believe that our program location offers various healing properties. The overall feel and experience from the environment of Malibu, aids in the process of recovery. You are nourished from every angle of your treatment journey, which offers the complete approach to healing.

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Day Treatment

Phase 2

In Day Treatment (Intensive Outpatient) a foundation is built to ensure our clients continued success. Goals are established by working closely with our support and clinical staff in order to find the correct path based on the individuals talents, skills and needs.

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Supportive Living

Phase 3

By the time clients reach Phase III, living sober has become second nature and we begin introducing a new focus: their continued success and future. As our clinical team continues with drug and alcohol treatment, clients begin taking classes and working in new jobs. This is where the rubber meets the road and a true plan of action for transition to sustainable success begins.

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We are individualized care experts.

Our expert team is committed to helping develop a customized program to insure your recovery experience is life-changing. The SRC treatment program is the only affordable program to offer such a high quality of care with so many therapies, from renowned therapists. We do not claim to have a “cure”, but we do believe in providing you the necessary tools and support in a comfortable, ocean front setting in sun-drenched Malibu, California to insure your sustained and ongoing recovery at a price that is affordable.

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Art Therapy For Addiction

SOBA Recovery Center offers art therapy as a primary activity during our phases of treatment at all of our locations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Studies of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) have demonstrated its usefulness for a wide variety of problems, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and psychotic disorders.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Regardless of the issues with which clients struggle, DBT is effective in teaching vital skills which allow individuals to build a life worth living.

Group Therapy

Through group therapy sessions, you can regain a sense of who you are and build connections that encourage you throughout the process.


This tool is an incredibly forward-focused tool that SOBA Recovery Center is proud to offer clients wanting to learn more about their addictions, while working toward beating them permanently.

Alcohol Treatment

At SOBA, we believe that the best chance for your success is to develop an individually-tailored program.


Alumni are the backbone of our program, almost all of our graduates support those newly entering treatment.

Welcome Home

If you’re reading this right now, you may feel a sense of shame in your addiction and we understand. You were giving it all you could to maintain a life that has become unmanageable. Although you have those feelings of helplessness, shame, and guilt, what matters now is you are on the verge of changing the course of your life by coming to the SOBA Recovery Center (SRC) and that’s something for which to have immense gratitude.

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