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If you are looking for detox and addiction treatment centers that conduct individual therapy and group therapy, SOBA Malibu is the best place to start with. We use exceptional and proven counseling therapy techniques to address the psychological side of addiction that aims to establish lifelong recovery.

Two common types of counseling

Individual therapy: It refers to one-on-one sessions with your personal counselor. This is conducted in a private place to promote open communication. During this meeting, you and your therapist can explore the causes of your alcohol abuse or drug addiction. Once you identify the things that trigger your chemical dependence, you and your therapist can develop techniques to deal with them.

Group Therapy: It is a gathering of fellow alcoholics or drug addicts under the supervision of a licensed counselor or therapist. All of them can share their personal stories and suggestions to help attain recovery.

Benefits of counseling

Some treatment centers allege that you can achieve total cure through detoxification. We disagree with this idea because we believe that a person can only achieve total recovery when your mind, body and spirit are in total harmony. For this reason, we implement effective counseling therapy sessions to help us make a holistic treatment plan that specifically targets every aspect of your condition.

Effective counseling sessions conducted under the supervision of our highly renowned counselor offers the following benefits:

It allows you speak out your concerns without fear of being ridiculed. SOBA Malibu is a place where you can talk openly about everything with regards to your recovery. If you have not been honest with yourself for a long time, you can use individual and group therapy sessions to speak truthfully about anything that bothers you. By being open about your thought and feelings, you can experience a therapeutic release from your fears, unhealthy thoughts and even chains from your past.
Your therapists can determine the deep-seated causes of your addiction: Individual and group therapy sessions can help your therapists in mapping out the presence of dual diagnosis or other disorders. As your hidden thoughts and conflicts surface, they can also device a unique treatment plan to concentrate on every detail of your chemical dependence.

It gives you a chance to create a support network: During the group counseling sessions, you will have a opportunity to share your feelings and offer encouragement to fellow drug addicts or alcoholics in recovery. SOBA Malibu is a place where people in recovery can identify their situations and experiences with fellow residents. While they make progress in their recovery process, they also learn to share their experiences with others who need comfort and support. So, if you are a newcomer you will feel inspired with the stories of recovering addicts and you shall experience the unconditional support from people who understand your situation.

Compared to other addiction treatment centers and detox facilities, SOBA Malibu offers unique group therapy and individual therapy experiences that will help you get on the path to recovery. Call us at 866-547-6451 for urgent counseling and assessment.

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