SOBA Malibu inpatient treatment facility and residential treatment is an excellent place to avail of seven day detox, alcohol rehab and other treatment programs for people with addiction. Our inpatient treatment program offers a wide array of benefits that will increase your chance to have a successful recovery. In addition to our first class detox facility, we also use different counseling sessions like family therapy, group therapy and individual therapy. We have modern facilities, exceptional staff and luxurious amenities to accelerate your recovery.

Inpatient treatment Benefits

The following are the benefits of inpatient treatment programs:

Medically managed detoxification procedure: Skilled and highly-trained professionals shall be in-charge of your medical detox. This is advisable for patients with addiction to cocaine, prescription drugs, amphetamines and opiates because of the withdrawal symptoms associated with those drugs. During the inpatient detox procedure, the medical team shall conduct constant monitoring of dangerous signs of withdrawal, like heart attack and coma. The medical staff shall also administer medications, if needed.
Some of the service-related benefits of inpatient detox also include:

  • Round the clock nursing services
  • The physician or psychiatrist visits the detox patient on a daily basis
  • Close and crucial monitoring of serious withdrawal symptoms

SOBA Malibu is a peaceful and calm hospital alternative when it comes to detox procedures. We offer our state of the art detox facility at a reasonable price which is comparable to the prevailing hospital rate. Depending on the protocol of your attending detox physician, your length of stay can vary from five to seven days, or more. We also ensure privacy and 100% confidentiality to our patients.

Counseling and Behavior Therapy: We do not end with the detox itself. Instead, we proceed to the second part of our treatment program which addresses the most important part of your recovery-the healing of your mind. Once your body is cleansed from harmful drugs and toxins, our treatment team can already begin to work on the underlying causes of your addiction. We have psychiatrists, psychologists and celebrated therapists to help you uncover the issues masked behind your maladaptive behaviors and addictive patterns. Some of therapy sessions include family therapy, group therapy and individual therapy. As the counseling session and treatment-related activities push through, you will learn more about your condition and the things that you need to do to deal with them. You will also learn positive coping mechanisms, stress management techniques, and positive behavior patterns through our specialized counseling sessions and different activities included in your treatment plan.

Aftercare services: We want you to live a normal life after you finish seven day detox, inpatient treatment or alcohol rehab program. We have programs to usher you to a new lifestyle that will help you fight triggering factors of addiction. You can continue to live in our residential treatment facility or sober living community where you will experience transitional living in the most comfortable and compassionate way possible.

You can call us at 866-547-6451 and we shall discuss with you the possibilities of having a sober living arrangement right at your own private or semi-private cottage in the stunning SOBA Malibu beachfront location in California.

Our compassionate treatment advisors are standing by to help.

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