Court Ordered Drug Treatment Center

SOBA Recovery center is a drug treatment center that welcomes court advocacy for drug abusers charged with offenses. We are also known as a Los Angeles drug rehab that implements proper drug treatment for persons involved in substance-related crimes.

How court advocacy works

We at SOBA Recovery Center recognize the destructive effects of substance abuse on your brain. Examples are weakened or faulty reasoning, problems in your behaviors and violent tendencies.

Sometimes, you may fall into chemical dependency and get involved in crimes because of your condition. If you will be placed in jail without any access to a treatment program to take care of your addiction, you may still commit the same legal problems upon serving your jail term. For this reason, the government recognized court advocacy as a way to help you learn from your mistakes and to get back on track. In this way, you can be a fully-recovered person and a productive member of the society.

Court advocates lend a hand to individuals arrested for crimes that are connected to drugs and addictive conditions. They work with lawyers and clients in mapping out an-outpatient rehab program that will decrease court sentence while ensuring that the court requisites are observed. Once you receive a court ordered program you can enroll in SOBA Recovery Center Los Angeles drug rehab.

Benefits of court-ordered rehab

Inside the rehab, you can deal with your underlying conditions and experience the rehabilitation process. You will learn to be responsible for your own actions. With proper treatment programs, support and guidance, you will pull yourself through and stay on the path of recovery.
Court-ordered rehab has the following benefits:

  • It will help you avoid spending your time in jail. Instead of serving your sentence, you will be allowed to enter a drug rehab and go through a drug treatment plan that will address the underlying issues of your chemical dependence.
  • You can break free from drug addiction. At SOBA Recovery Center, we shall evaluate your condition and help you discover the factors that cause or influence your addictive behaviors. We shall also carry out an individualized treatment program that will help you take responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • We break this plan into several parts:

    1. Physical healing: It may involve detoxification and management of withdrawal symptoms.
    2. Physical fitness: We have personal trainers to increase your stamina and improve your body coordination. There are different types of exercises and therapies that will help you stay fit and recover what your body has lost due to chemical dependence.
    3. Nourishment: At SOBA, our culinary staff shall supplement your medication, therapies and fitness program with delicious and highly-nutritious food to nourish your body.
    4. You will be less likely to commit another criminal offense. SRC drug treatment center is a Los Angeles drug rehab that adapts the holistic treatment approach in dealing with substance abuse. As we treat your addiction, we shall also treat any co-existing mental condition that affects your recovery. With your determination and with our highly competent staff, you can achieve total recovery.

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