outside_shotIf you are suffering from addiction or are like many people who have been to multiple rehabs, you know that drug treatment can’t work if it’s a cookie-cutter, out of the box program. Treatment for addiction needs to be a personal, individually tailored plan that addresses you as an individual. This is because everyone uses for different reasons, and everyone reaches their bottom at a different time and place. So when you’re ready to break free from the chains of addiction, you need to seek drug treatment that addresses the why of your drug abuse- not the how.

At SOBA, we have separated ourselves from other drug treatment centers with our belief that addiction is not only a disease- that it is also a side effect of very powerful underlying issues. We know that in order to successfully treat your addiction, we must work with you to address and treat those problems. Our renowned staff of therapists, counselors, personal trainers and other treatment professionals will guide you through a unique process of healing the mind, body, and spirit.

We know that most people become chemically dependent because it helps to mute feelings of pain, insecurity, inadequacy, or to deal with deteriorating relationships, unsuccessful careers, high stress, and many other causes. Additionally, we know that drug treatment actually needs to address the real disease- such as borderline personality disorder, a bipolar diagnosis, depression, PTSD or other mental health concerns. In fact, we find that the reason so many addicted people also have dual diagnoses is because the underlying diseases or conditions led them to abuse chemicals in the first place. Without this understanding in a drug treatment program, we believe that many unfortunate souls are doomed to relapse again and again.

At SOBA, our drug treatment services begin by addressing your physical health needs. This starts with detoxification in our JCAHO-Accredited, professional, fully equipped and staffed facility. Withdrawal symptoms can be easily managed, and compassionate individuals will be with you every step of the way as you regain control of your body. We follow this up with sessions with a personal trainer to improve strength, coordination, and stamina, as well as wholesome and delicious foods from our highly trained culinary staff.

While healing your body, we also begin the process of healing your mind. Your drug treatment program at SOBA will be precisely that: YOURS. We know that your situation is not like that of everyone else, and that in order to be successful, you require a program that is designed to meet your specific needs. We fortify this personal program by integrating therapy sessions at an individual, group, and family level. These sessions are also used to initiate a crucial component to your lasting drug treatment success: creating a strong support network.

At SOBA, we are not religious, but we are very spiritual and believe that this is a vital part of a triumphant drug treatment plan. We provide you with guidance in a 12 step program, an exciting and challenging ropes course, equine therapy and art and music therapy. All of this is offered to you from our beautiful ocean front property: starlit skies, blazing sunrises, and peace of mind can all be found right here. We’re waiting for you, so please pick up the phone today and receive a free, private consultation that explains our drug treatment options in clear detail. The rest of your life begins NOW: You can make it drug-free. You can make it with SOBA.

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