DUI Alcohol Treatment Center

SOBA Recovery Center is an alcohol addiction treatment facility that gives DUI help to individuals with alcohol problems. Our facility is cuddled in one of the most scenic locations in Malibu. It has a direct access to the beach and sumptuous view of the relaxing coast. While you undergo rehabilitation program according to the court order, you and your family can enjoy the luxurious treatment at SRC.

DUI arrest and rehabilitation

DUI arrest is one of the signs of alcoholism and unhealthy behaviors. It can also be an indication of one’s emotional instability, impaired reasoning and lack of accountability. All of these characteristics may be regarded as a warning sign of a more serious problem that can cause further damage to the person involved.
Court-ordered rehabilitation for DUI clients aim to help you-

  • Equip yourself with necessary skills to deal with situations that would normally prompt you to drink alcohol.
  • Discover behavior patterns or situations that lead you to alcohol use
  • Regain control over your drinking impulses
  • Choose an alcohol-free lifestyle

At SRC, we provide individualized care plan to make an early intervention to deal with serious underlying causes of DUI and strategies that will improve your lifestyle.

Some of the valuable benefits provided at SOBA Recovery Center for clients with DUI charges include the following:

  • Quality detox services: We have competent and specially trained staff to supervise your detoxification process in our JCAHO-Accredited detox facility. We shall also take care of your withdrawal symptoms and help you restore your physical well-being by incorporating good nutrition and strength building techniques to your treatment plan.
  • Effective one-on-one and group counseling: We have doctors, therapists and other specialists to help you determine the cause of your alcohol dependence. After thorough evaluation, our staff shall conduct individualized counseling sessions that will facilitate healing of your mind. We also have different types of intervention to address dual diagnosis and other psychological problems. Aside from individual counseling, you may be encouraged to join a group counseling session. This will allow you to share your struggles and fears with people who also go through the same problems. We shall also guide you through the recovery process to help you avoid relapse.
  • Specifically designed treatment plan to address your mental and behavioral issues while treating your drinking problem: SOBA Recovery Center creates a unique plan for every client because we understand that every person has unique circumstances. Each step of the treatment program is designed according to the degree of your drinking problems, the causes of your problematic behaviors, and other factors that lead to your DUI charges.

Rehabilitation is achieved through a well-informed decision to get well based on the in-depth knowledge of your DUI condition and your determination to live a healthy lifestyle. It is our goal to help you live a good quality of life through our best efforts of providing holistic rehabilitation for people with alcohol and drug problems.

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