Court advocacy can help individuals with DUI and substance related crimes to avail of alternative sentencing or court-mandated rehab at SOBA Malibu.

How SOBA Recovery Center DUI Rehab Can Help You

Possible reduction of charges: Attending a DUI rehab may prove to the judge in-charge of your case that you are committed to recover from dependence to alcohol. The court may reduce the sentence to a fine or to a shorter period in jail if-

  • You started to attend a treatment program in a DUI rehab before your scheduled court hearing, or-
  • You completed a recovery program before the court hearing date

Gain control of yourself: Regardless of the court decision, DUI rehab programs can help you pull yourself through alcohol dependence. There are many people who live in constant fear and pain due to alcohol problems. Their inability to control their cravings for alcohol cause relative problems to their health, family and society. As a result, they may feel helpless and unable to run their lives in the best way possible. With a good DUI rehab that has reasonable DUI costs, you can take the rein of your destiny by starting the course to recovery at SOBA Malibu DUI Rehab.

Better living condition: Where do you want to serve sentence? Isn’t our luxury DUI rehab and alternative sentencing facility more comfortable than the jail cells and streets in the community? Although there are advantages in doing community service, you will only pay your dues in the society but you will not get better. Remember that the most important component of rehabilitation is your physical and psychological healing that result from an effective rehabilitation program. Without treatment, you are merely paying what you owe to the society but you are still indebted to yourself. Freedom from any type of addiction is your responsibility to yourself.

For this cause, drug advocacy intends to provide individuals with court cases due to alcohol abuse or drug addiction an opportunity to go through rehabilitation in a DUI rehab.

Benefits and Amenities of SOBA Malibu DUI rehab

  • Unique treatment program that helps you live an addiction-free life: We use the holistic treatment approach that focus on the healing of your body, mind and spirit.
  • Luxurious setting with reasonable DUI costs
  • Caring and friendly environment that supports personal healing
  • Emotional support network: We have group therapies and related activities that are designed to give you the emotional support you need especially during the toughest times of your recovery. SOBA Malibu also offers family therapy and counseling to help you and your family deal with your conditions and its impact on your relationships.
  • We also have a caring alumni community which is known for its active support network to all former residents of SOBA Recovery Center.
  • Fun and exciting activities like swimming, surfing and rope activities.

Our counselors can discuss to you DUI costs and other concerns related to court advocacy programs. Call us at 866-547-6451to know more about court mandated rehab and alternate sentencing options.

Our compassionate treatment advisors are standing by to help.

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