People who became addicted to heroin will greatly benefit from the focused and personalized treatment methods of SOBA Malibu. It is composed of seven day heroin detox, one-on-one therapy and other specialized treatment modalities specifically designed for every patient.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Individuals who regularly abuse heroin may develop tolerance and physical dependence on the drugs. Consequently, withdrawal symptoms may occur when a person stops cold turkey or at least six hours from the last heroin use. The intensity and duration of withdrawal may vary from one to seven days. Others also experience Post Withdrawal Symptoms which may last from several weeks to months.

Intense cravings for heroin:
Heroin addicts want to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and to re-experience the pleasure brought about by the drugs. This is a distinctive characteristic of people withdrawing from addictive substances.

Mood changes: People withdrawing from heroin and other opiate drugs often complaining of irritability, anxiety, depression and mood swings. This dysphoric mood is due to the euphoric effects of heroin. These feelings usually pass after the withdrawal phase.

Rebound effect: Heroin addicts complain of back and leg pains and increased sensitivity to pain during the withdrawal stage. This complaint is rooted on the effect of pain-blocking effects of heroin.

Excess body fluids: There will be an increased production of body fluids like runny nose, tears and sweat during heroin withdrawal.

Stomach troubles: Diarrhea and loose bowel movement is the body’s natural reaction to heroin withdrawal. Stomach pain may also occur due to spasms on the digestive system.

Nausea and vomiting: Some heroin addicts consider this as the most distressful aspect of withdrawal because it prevents them from enjoying their food. It is also very uncomfortable and tiring.

Fever: It is important to seek medical treatment when your temperature exceeds 40 C especially if you have serious medical condition.

Restlessness: A person may experience agitation especially during the most intense period of withdrawal.

Insomnia: Sleep problems are very common to people experiencing heroin withdrawal. Yawning is also commonly observed during this phase because of lack of sleep.

Although withdrawal from heroin may cause discomfort, most of these reactions are not life-threatening. However, it is important to find a good seven day heroin detox facility with one-on-one therapy, and several programs of treatment for heroin addiction.

SOBA Malibu Heroin Detox Facility

Individuals who want to recover from heroin addiction may be apprehensive to stop heroin abuse because of the discomforts of withdrawal. At SOBA Malibu, we take care of the physical aspect of your heroin withdrawal while we ensure that your body can recover from its pernicious effects. We have a fully equipped detox facility with competent staff to detoxify your body. We also serve good food carefully prepared by professional chef to nourish your body and to replenish the nutrients lost by the detox process and improper diet. After the heroin detox, you can continue with the holistic treatment program for recovering drug addicts. You may also choose from several treatment programs and activities that will help you recover permanently from heroin addiction.

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