Los Angeles Drug RehabThere’s nothing like a fresh morning at SOBA Recovery Center Los Angeles drug rehab and detox facility with its crisp sea breeze that calms your mind and soothes your heart. It is comfortably nestled in one of the classiest real estate and beach fronts of Malibu. Sure to make a revitalizing treat are the picturesque scenery of natural flavors like gorgeous coastlines and lush terrain. With its prime location, unrivaled facilities and competitive services, this drug rehab ushers persons suffering from addiction to an unruffled and sober life full of hopes and opportunities for full recovery.

What is detox?

Drug detoxification refers to the safe and systematic process of withdrawing an individual from the use of addiction-causing drugs. Drinking alcohol or using drugs can eventually lead to physical dependence that chains a person from getting out of addiction. In some cases, drug addicts and alcoholics opt to discontinue the use of drugs and alcohol at their own phase. But, this may result to painful and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms or even death.

The detox process has three stages:

Patient Evaluation: SOBA Recovery Center’s doctors and medical staff shall conduct tests to determine the type and amount of substances present in your system. Further assessment shall also be made to establish the presence of other mental, emotional or behavioral problems aside from addiction and alcoholism. Examples of these conditions are bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Stabilization: At this phase, you shall be guided by our staff throughout the whole detox process. SOBA Recovery Center has a medically-supervised detoxification program specifically designed for your condition.

Our highly trained doctors, psychiatrists and addiction medicine specialists shall work hand in hand with your treatment counselors and other staff to ensure that you feel the least discomfort during this stage. We shall also exercise utmost patience and understanding in explaining to you the detox-related expectations and recovery outcomes. Our unique SOBA method not only eliminates harmful chemicals from your body but also balances your brain chemistry and invigorates you body through the “Diet Free Life,” program and exercise.

Preparing the patient for recovery: This is also known as the stage of “guiding the patient into treatment.” Drug detox only eliminates your physical dependence from drugs and alcohol. To ensure complete recovery, our highly qualified staff shall help you deal with the psychological aspect of addiction by encouraging you to join our life-changing holistic and balanced SRC rehab programs.

Why choose SOBA Recovery Center

We shall try to reverse the harmful effects of addiction in your life by implementing proven and effective detox procedures to give you a head start to recovery. We charge reasonable fees and offer convenient payment options.

For more information, on SOBA Recovery Center Los Angeles drug rehab and detox facility, simply call us at 866-547-6451or visit our contact page for a scheduled visit. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff shall also answer all your queries with regards to detox, alcoholism, drug addiction, as well as our drug rehab and treatment programs, facilities, staff and admission requirements.

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