The SOBA Recovery Center deploys a neuro-biological approach in order to accelerate the restoration and stabilization of the brain chemistry…

The SOBA Recovery Center is a Residential Primary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, which includes medically-supervised detoxification, and is licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. The SOBA Recovery Center deploys a neuro-biological approach in order to accelerate the restoration and stabilization of the brain chemistry, and revitalize the body’s natural reward system. The SOBA method in conjunction with our nutrition and exercise expert, Robert Ferguson utilizes very specific nutrition and exercise components in the recovery process. When used in combination with Robert’s famous “Diet Free Life,” program, clients achieve a sense of comfort and well-being in very short order. In addition, we also have psycho-therapy groups, experiential therapy, educational groups, individual therapy and 12-Step work to build a solid foundation for long-term recovery.

Our residential program and detox center is located on the sun-drenched shores of Malibu Beach, California. The transitional living programs are located near the beaches of Point Dume in Malibu, and the Pacific Palisades.

Duration of Program:

The SOBA Recovery Center provides and recommends a 90 day program. Residential Treatment is at our primary treatment location in Malibu, while transitional living is at one of our extended care facilities which continues many of the techniques learned in the primary phase. For clients unable to stay for the full 90 days, we are able to offer other options, including the use of sober coaches/companions and remote teleconferencing with our licensed therapists.

Special Track for specific Dietary Needs:

The low-glycemic “Diet Free Life” with SOBA’s Nutritionist, Robert Ferguson, includes a special track for addicts/alcoholics with certain dietary needs that helps maintain normal glucose levels after meals while in treatment.

Family of Origin Program:

Using a well-rounded approach, SOBA Recovery Center assists families through education, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

12-Step Meetings:

Clients attend 12 Step Meetings in the community several times a week in addition to in-house 12 Step Panels and Big Book study.

After Care Program:

Recent studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse confirm the importance of a 90 day progam which combine residential treatment with transitional living. We offer several choices for the transitional living segment of treatment. Many of our clients elect to live in our Malibu Villas, a luxury sober living which is located in a gated community in Malibu, California, overlooking the shores of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Malibu Villas is where clients continue to adhere to a modified version of the SOBA Recovery Inpatient Program. Residents of SOBA Malibu Villas interact regularly with SOBA Recovery Center therapists and counselors to strengthen their recovery techniques and skills learned at the Center. Others, especially established professionals, return to their professions and families accompanied by a SOBA sober coach/companion, who helps them adapt their healthy new life style in a non-clinical environment.

SOBA Recovery Center Staff:

Our team is comprised of selected professionals from Cedars-Sinai Department of Psychiatry, St. John’s Medical Center, and UCLA and are highly versed and experienced in the fields of addiction, general medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, nutrition, culinary arts and eastern exercises. All staff is certified according to their scope of practice and is chosen for their passion to help others learn to live healthy lives.

Staffing Ratio (Residential):

Therapists to clients: 1:2
Day/Evening Counselors to clients: 1:2
Overnight Counselors to clients: 1:5
Number of days per week when program is fully staffed: 7
Professional Staffing: 24/7

Licensing and Credentials of Staff:

PhD-level psychologists, social workers with Masters of Family Therapy degrees from accredited universities and Certified Addiction Treatment Counselors. All staff is licensed and/or certified and chosen for their individual history of excellence in their chosen profession.

If you or your loved one is in need of assistance, including drug detox, alcohol detox, drug rehab, and/or alcohol rehab, you can contact SOBA Malibu at 1-866-547-6451 to speak with a professional admissions coordinator.

Our admissions coordinators are very caring and knowledgeable and would love to take your call and answer your questions. We know it can be tough to pick up the phone and ask for help, but this could be the most important call you ever make for yourself or your loved one!

  • A friendly, understanding voice on the other end of the phone.
  • A professional admission coordinator who has experience dealing with every type of addiction.
  • Free personal, private consultations and intake screening with our counselors.
  • Intervention services, which are available worldwide.
  • (please inform your intake counselor if you require these services).

Our compassionate treatment advisors are standing by to help.

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