The SOBA Recovery Center takes great pride that a significant number of its clients who complete our (90 day program) remain clean and sober, and go on to live life without the chaos that drugs and alcohol caused them or their loved ones.

They find that their relationships with other loved ones and family members have charted a new course, bringing them the peace and serenity they haven’t known for quite a long time. SOBA Recovery Center boasts one of the largest sober communities in Malibu and boasts a very active alumni community to assist you when you return to your families or loved ones. There are some, however, who are not able to maintain sobriety and return to our Inpatient treatment program or sober living facility to help get them back on track.

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to express our deepest appreciation and positive endorsement for the Sobriety Program and support services offered by Loyola Marymount University in partnership with SOBA Recovery Center.

Three years ago when our daughter was a freshman at LMU her behavior at fraternity parties put her at great risk. Her abuse of alcohol at these gatherings stunned and frightened us. We had thought that the values she had been taught at home would inoculate her from some of the social dangers that can be present at some of these parties. But we were wrong. Several times our daughter called home and she seemed to be in serious trouble. My wife, Barbara, had to fly at a moment’s notice to LMU to help support our daughter. We were very worried and even felt that perhaps our daughter should leave the University. It was at this time that Bradley Smith’s program at LMU came to our attention. Bradley spoke to both my wife and myself. His steady demeanor, his vast depth of experience, and his certainty that he could help our daughter was infinitely calming and supportive.

Bradley worked with our daughter and helped us place her in Greg Hannley’s SOBA Recovery program.

Recovery programs frequently fail. Their clients often relapse and must return again and again. But Greg Hannley and his team at SOBA were truly miracle workers. Once our daughter was in their caring hands she never desired to return to her addictive behavior. She stayed in the sober living program at SOBA for 18 months which enabled her to take a full load of classes and work a part time job at the Burns Recreation Center at LMU, as well. She maintained her grades and she did not return to the self-destructive path on which she had been. Today our daughter is a healthy, self-assured, and successful young woman poised to enter graduate school. Barbara and I are deeply grateful to both Bradley Smith and Greg Hannley for the care and loving concern they showed our daughter. We believe that these men and their staff saved our daughter’s life, and ours.

We know that there are other families like us facing similar situations at the University. A successful program like Bradley’s with the partnership of Greg Hannely’s SOBA Recovery Center would be impossible to replicate. We hope that their association at LMU will continue to be offered so that other families in need can be helped. It is truly a priceless resource for troubled young men and women at the University.

From An Anonymous Parent…

The day my husband and I found Soba was the beginning of the answer to our prayers. We had managed to get our daughter Joy through a 30 day rehab program and had learned that it was imperative for her to stay in a sober living program for at least another month if she were to have any chance at all with her recovery from heroin addiction.

Sadly, she was very resistant to the idea of sober living and had rejected the idea because it seemed too institutional and restrictive. After talking with Greg Hannley we felt we might have a chance to save our daughter, if we could just get her to meet them. She agreed, as she said, only because she felt that she owed us that much. Greg responded immediately to our call and arranged to meet us within the hour. The girl we brought to them was angry, frightened and had a chip on her shoulder!

We were amazed to see the change come over Joy as she listened to Greg explain the lifestyle and program at Soba. His honesty and understanding disarmed her and we could see her sit up and come alive as she realized that Soba was a place that she could be safe and also be allowed to be her own person. About then a few of the residents came in to meet Joy and share their experiences and stories of how they’d come to Soba and the good life that they’d found there.

After touring the apartments, and falling in love with them, she was happy to sign up for a month at Soba! Greg gave me permission to stay the first night with Joy, as my husband and I were reluctant to leave her there without thoroughly checking out the whole situation. After getting settled in and meeting her roommate we all went to our first NA meeting.

After the meeting we went back to Soba and joined her roommate and some of the other residents out on the deck overlooking the Pacific. Before long we were all laughing and talking and sharing experiences. Joy and I began repairing our relationship that night.

The feeling there was magical, very spiritual and comforting, in that everyone there was on the same quest for peace and dignity in their lives. Joy, and her Dad and I, were confident that we’d found the place for her to continue her recovery. We visited many times during the next month and each time was special and fun. We were so encouraged by Joy’s progress. Joy decided to stay after the first month and that stretched into nine months, with her moving to the Villas for the last few months. She became very involved with her twelve step program and began working hard at her recovery process.

After a few months she was hired to work at a teen rehab near Soba. She loved working with the teens and discovered a real passion for helping others. She’s realized that this is her calling, to share her hard earned wisdom. To this end she has left sober living to return to school to get her masters in social work.

Yesterday she called to tell us she has been accepted at NYU! She attributes her success to the support and guidance she received while living at Soba and the Villas and working at the teen rehab. She is so excited about going to the school she dreamed about years ago, and is really fired up to work even harder now! Her father and I know that without Greg and John touching her heart that first day we might have lost our Joy. We will forever be grateful to them and dedicated to supporting and advocating for Soba and The Villas at Malibu. Hopefully, in a few years, Joy will have her masters in hand and return to work with the people who restored her to a life worth living!

Hope all is well… My son is home and well and looks really good, Thank You! Your Soba treatment center left him with a positive outlook on life and the tools to move forward in what looks like a healthy life style.

Your centers approach to recovery seems to have made the difference. I can remember when my son came out of rehab locally here at home, he immediately went out upon arriving home. A week later picking up all his bad habits and hanging out with all his unhealthy friends.

His return from Soba is different. He is in no rush to go out and spending time at home with his family. I believe it’s because of your center’s relaxed atmosphere and approach. To quote him ” I didn’t feel locked up in Soba so I don’t have to run out the door now that I’m home. I have enjoyed listening to all his soba stories and experiences. He sounds happy to have been in Soba treatment center where he learned drug use is a choice, a choice he no long wants in his life. Thank You for that.

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